Something happens to my insides when certain colours come together. It is like an awakening and it is wonderful. Here is a wall I photographed in Lisbon back in August. Sometimes it’s a toning thing and other times it’s the boldness of contrast or the burst of something bright among surrounding paleness. Thank goodness for colour and beauty, especially on grey days.

I’m currently working on a new collection of earrings for an upcoming design fair and I’m realising that a lot of the colour combinations I’m coming up with are from memories; memories of a magazine I bought, wildflowers I saw, a meal I ate, a swimsuit that I wished I had bought, a film I watched and loved. They are also based on objects that I own and cherish. I want to recapture my feelings and memories through the fusion of certain colours.

And great – writing this out has helped to articulate and hone my thinking around this!